About Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor reaches consumers no matter what their media consumption habits are.

It goes where most other media can’t go to surround and immerse consumers out of home, where they spend 70 percent of their waking hours.

 Outdoor offers versatile formats. Its "blank canvas" creative potential breaks through the clutter to hold people’s attention, wherever they work, shop, travel, and play.

Outdoor advertising builds brands and drives growth.

It provides a way to reach consumers when they spend 70% of their time away from home, where other media types reside. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America outlines the value of outdoor advertising:

Outdoor Amplifies
  • By driving consumers into retail locations for local, regional, and national advertisers
  • By extending the reach and frequency of other media, and increasing effectiveness at some of the lowest CPM's and highest ROI's in advertising
  • By sending consumers to web search, mobile search, and social media, and generating all-important word of mouth and viral marketing
Outdoor Connects
  • By reaching increasingly mobile consumers wherever they commute, work, shop, travel, and play
  • By targeting consumers near the point of sale, and putting messages exactly where, when, and how audiences want to consume them
  • By building valuable two-way relationships using digital displays and interactive screens that empower consumers to interact and transact with brands like never before
Outdoor Inspires
  • By creating compelling advertising messages that cannot be ignored, blocked, or skipped
  • By leveraging simplicity, humor, surprise, and great visual storytelling for maximum creative impact
  • By continuing to stretch the boundaries of advertising through unique and memorable campaigns

Initialisms Defined


Cost per thousand impressions. The CPM model refers to advertising bought on the basis of impression. This contrasts with certain types of advertising such as "pay-for-performance" whereby payment is triggered only on a mutually agreed upon activity such as a click-through or a sale.


Return on Investment. The ratio of profit to the amount invested. Alternately referred to as "Rate of Return" or "Rate of Profit"